2 Corinthians 9:7 “For God loves a cheerful giver…”

There are many opportunities to contribute to the work of the Archangel Michael Church by giving of your Time, your Talents and your Treasures. Our organizations and ministries provide opportunities for you to donate your Time and your Talents and we encourage you to become as involved as possible in the work of the Church—you will find it deeply rewarding.

Since the earliest days of the Church, we have also been called to sacrifice our worldly Treasures to make regular gifts to the Church. This allows parishioners to pool their resources to fund a physical space within which they can gather and practice their religion in the private setting of their own community. It also helps to fund the philanthropic ministries of the Parish, and it serves as an exercise that reminds us not to grow too attached to our worldly possessions. Giving opportunities at Archangel Michael are described below.

Stewardship vs. Membership

Stewardship is the cornerstone of giving to the Church. It represents each family’s individual financial commitment to the continuation of the Church, and the collective commitments serve the practical function of allowing our church to meet its expenses.

The Church’s goal is to completely offset its annual operating expenses through stewardship contributions. Meeting that goal would provide the Church with the stability and sustainability to use funds from fundraisers and other donations to expand ministries and to build existing programs, rather than having to use those proceeds to cover the Church’s operating budget.

Click here to make a gift online.

It is important to note that the Archangel Michael Church does not require a minimum stewardship pledge of its members. The Church asks of everyone to give as they can. Therefore, to help us reach that point of financial stability, we ask each of you to use the annual expenses per family as a starting point in calculating your stewardship contribution for the year. If you’ve had a good year, a pledge of a few hundred additional dollars can offset the decreased pledge of a hard-pressed family and take the pressure off the rest of the Parish to bridge that gap through other fundraising efforts. This is our Parish, and by working together and backing each other up, we can sustain its energy and its important work.

If you would like to discuss your Stewardship pledge with Father John, please call the Church Office at 516-944-3180.

We are thankful for your continued generosity and support!

Memorial Gifts

We invite you to honor or memorialize a loved one by making a gift in their name. The church office will notify the family so that your gift will be properly acknowledged. We especially welcome gifts that may be used where the need in our parish is greatest. Please contact the church office at 516-944-3180, or click here to make a gift online.

Festival Sponsorships

We invite individuals and businesses to support our Festival by becoming a sponsor! There are opportunities available starting at $500 and, depending on the level of sponsorship, your name will be prominently displayed as a venue, ride, or tent sponsor.
Click here to complete your sponsorship online or download the form here.

We also welcome your support of our Festival through donations of specific items. Click here to download the form here. Thank you for your support!

The Book of Needs

Please consider supporting us in the completion of our beautiful sanctuary. Items are available for donations of various levels and may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one.Please click here for our entire Book of Needs, or explore below to review remaining gift opportunities.

Stained Glass Windows Located in Hallway

Available: 1
Sponsored: 0
Gift Amount: $15,000 each

Available: 2
Sponsored: 0
Gift Amount: $12,000 each

Available: 1
Sponsored: 0
Gift Amount: $15,000

Available: 1
Sponsored: 0
Gift Amount: $20,000

Available: 2
Sponsored: 0
Gift Amount: $25,000 each

Available: 5
Sponsored: 0
Gift Amount: $4,500 each

Available: 2
Sponsored: 3
Gift Amount: $750 per set

Available: 2
Sponsored: 14
Gift Amount: $500 per robe

Available: 18
Sponsored: 0
Gift Amount: $1,500 each

Available: 1
Sponsored: 1
Gift Amount: $3,500 each

Available: 4
Sponsored: 0
Gift Amount: $3,000 each

Available: 12
Sponsored: 0
Gift Amount: $1,500 each

Available: 3
Sponsored: 0
Gift Amount: $5,000 each

Available: 2
Sponsored: 2
Gift Amount: $2,000 each

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