Greek Dance Troupe

Greek Dance Troupe

The Greek Dance Troupe was established in 1999 under the direction of Roula Zogopoulos. Our Troupe’s intention is to offer children an opportunity to come together and maintain, yet continue our Hellenic traditions.

Mrs. Zogopoulos creates a safe atmosphere in which our young people are inspired as they explore and learn about their Hellenic heritage through our rich dancing and musical traditions.

Children who join our Dance Troupe possess a high level of commitment and drive.
The Troupe typically meets every Saturday and welcomes children from Kindergarten to 12th grades. We proudly perform at various church functions as well as other performance venues throughout the year, all culminating in our annual dance recital in June. For more information please contact:


Please click here to download registration forms and here to download consent forms for the Dance Troupe. Come join us!

The Troupe meets on Saturdays throughout the school year and welcomes children from Kindergarten through 12th grades.

Class times are as follows:
Group A (Grades K-3): 9:30-10:30am
Group B (Grades 4-7): 10:30-11:30am
GOYA Group (Grades 8 & up): 11:30am-12:30pm

Dancing In The News

The troupe was also featured in the Hellenic Voice NY newspaper.
The article can be viewed here.

Roula Zogopoulos – Greek Dance Troupe Instructor

Mrs. Zogopoulos has been serving the Hellenic community since her teen years. As a graduate of St. Demetrios High School of Astoria, Mrs. Zogopoulos developed a deep rooted passion for her heritage which propelled her to share her knowledge with both children and adults. Her dance training began in early childhood and continued professionally throughout college. She is versed in many genres of dance and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Drama Theater & Dance and Sociology from Queens College where she was awarded the Farah Marcellus Award for Outstanding choreography.

Mrs. Zogopoulos is also a classroom educator having earned a Master’s of Teaching Degree in Elementary Education from Queens College in 2000. She has worked for the Archangel Michael Church since 1999 as the Dance Troupe Educator and Artistic Director and is currently the Pre-K lead teacher in the Preschool. Miss Roula also teaches Creative Movement & Music to the entire preschool.

Mrs. Zogopoulos loves the Archangel Michael Community having served 20 years thus far creating countless opportunities for children to be immersed in rich Pan-Hellenic opportunities such as the Archdiocese Parathosi Dance Competition, The Ronald McDonald House Greek Division Walk-a-Thon, the community Festival on the Harbor, and many more.

Dance Troupe Parathosi accomplishments include…

The Archangel Michael Church
100 Fairway Drive
Port Washington, NY 11050
PHONE: (516) 944-3180
FAX: (516) 944-3185
Fr. John K. Lardas, Proestamenos
Fr. Michael Palamara, Presbyter
Retired Clergy: Fr. Dennis Strouzas, Protopresbyter