About Our Parish

The Archangel Michael Church is a vibrant Greek Orthodox community in Port Washington, NY serving over 700 families. We have numerous organizations whose work is carried out by our parishioners, benefiting both the parish and the broader community. Our Parish recently relocated from Roslyn, which had been our prior home since 1981. Construction has been completed in Port Washington: our brand-new educational facility houses our Preschool, Greek School and Sunday School, along with both our Sanctuary and the Athletics Center. Please take a few minutes to explore our website and get to know our Parish.

Bible Study

Starting in October, on the 1st and 2nd Wednesday mornings of each month and the 1st and 2nd Thursday evenings of each month, we will be gathering for Bible Study. Click here for more information!

We Invite You to Join Us!

To be a Christian means to be a part of the Church, which enables us to practice our active commitment to our belief in God and to acknowledge Christ in our way of life.

The Church is the Body of Christ on Earth, the fellowship of the faithful. Its parishioners worship together and help one another learn and practice the faith. With the help of God and each other, we seek to become better Christians.

Since the very beginning, the Greek Orthodox community of Archangel Michael has worked together, diligently and unselfishly, to become the “Ecclesia,” an expanded family that receives its blessings from Almighty God.

While striving for this goal, we offer a full program of activities for our community, and encourage all members to participate as actively as they can.

We invite you to join us in His work!

Special Needs Family Support Ministry

Through the fellowship of the Church, certain parents discovered that a common thread binds them together, a child with autism. Through their faith, desiring to gather under the loving embrace of the church, these parents, using their God given creative energies have put together a monthly support group. This group gives the venue, through the life of the church, for parents to gather, to share, to discuss, to discover the fullest possibilities that exist for their children. As one parent so beautifully said, “I do not want to focus on their disability but on their ability.”

For more information, click here.

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The Archangel Michael Church
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Port Washington, NY 11050
PHONE: (516) 944-3180
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Fr. John K. Lardas, Proestamenos
Retired Clergy: Fr. Dennis Strouzas, Protopresbyter