The Hellenic Thread

The Hellenic Thread is a theme and title attributed to an idea that captured the imagination of a group of parishioners exploring various avenues of raising funds to complete a complex that will continue to carry on the spiritual, educational and cultural legacy that has been passed from generation to generation. A heritage dating back to the Hellenistic Era, that preceded Christ and eventually becoming the vehicle by which the Christian Faith would be presented to the world.

The Hellenic Thread in the Tapestry of America is our acknowledgement and celebration of the many and varied contributions of those first generations that came with nothing other than the clothes they were wearing and the willingness and desire to succeed in this great country of ours. We celebrate the vibrant and strong threads that they brought with them …threads of faith, hope for a better life and love of family, friends and country. With these threads, they also brought with them those Hellenistic threads of democracy, culture, the arts and sciences. These Threads endured the test of time and have proven to be resilient and vibrant. Add these to the American Tapestry and you have a work of art that depicts all that is good in our nation and society.

Honorees Awarded in 2015

Zoe Zollo

Andreas Modenos

Peter Stavrinos


Honorees Awarded in 2014

Chris Neocleous

Eleni Raptis

Honorees Awarded in 2013

Georgia Kaufman

Fr. Dennis and Pres. Paula Strouzas

Stan Neomonitis


Honorees Awarded in 2012

Andrew Cyprus

Evangelia Cyprus

Katina Athineos

Honorees Awarded in 2011

Dr. Anthony Vasilas and Sophie Vasilas

Honorees Awarded in 2010

Michael Angeliades

Perry Alexiou

Peter Mesologites

Katherine L. Peters [posthumously]

Leonard Zangas


Archangel Michael Church

Greek Orthodox Church
of Port Washington